Colour Inspiration: Hotline Bling by Drake

Framed amongst a minimal white background illuminated by vibrant colors, Drake’s recently released video for Hotline Bling may have been inspired by artist James Turrell, after he visited his retrospective exhibition…

X Ray Colour 2

X Ray Colour Inspiration

Photographer Roy Livingston is inspired by electromagnetic radiation in his colorful series, X-Ray Visions. Using alarm clocks, robots, toys and radios, he reveals their coloured interiors using  X-Ray cross-sections….


A/W 16/17 USP Colour Trends

Our A/W Colour analysis is now available. Presented in physical and digital form, our seasonal forecasts are presented in-house, downloaded as pdfs, or uploaded to your very own…


Colour inspiration: Nadia Lee Cohen

Photographer Nadis Lee Cohen‘s work is kitsch yet sinister and is inspired by cinema and cinematic photographers. She recently told It’s Nice That, “anything focusing around…