Books + Magazines


Greenterior by Coffeeklatch

After the success of their “creative chitchat” blog Coffeeklatch, photographer Bart Kiggen and journalist Magali Elali have released their first book titled Greenterior. In…


Dirty Furniture Magazine Issue 1

Independent biannual design magazine, Dirty Furniture uncovers the relationship between people and the objects they live with, examining what happens to an item after…


Seventies Glamour by David Wills

In Seventies Glamour, David Wills highlights the aesthetics of liberation, sexual freedom and defiant indulgence of the 70s. The most conflicted and controversial decade in pop culture, Wills…


Dansk Magazine Issue: 34

Dansk Magazine detakes  look at current fashion and lifestyle trends by actively seeking out the most exciting and innovative photographers, models and movers in…


Holiday Magazine

As in the magazine’s tradition, Holiday No. 375 the Japan Issue, features aesthetic trips to hidden wonders within the country. Holiday catches an original…


Oh Comely magazine: Issue 25

Each issue, Oh Comely pick a theme. The latest issue is Weather and they have embraced the elements and are off to explore with weather forecasters, outdoorswomen and cloud-spotters….


The Plant magazine: Issue 6

Issue 6 celebrates the candy floss splendour of cherry blossoms in Japan,assorted orchids hand-picked at RHS Kew and the domestic charm of the spider…