What We Wore: A People’s History of British Style by Nina Manandhar

What We Wore began as a project by Nina Manandhar to create a style history of Britain from 1950s to the present day. Filled with personal photos from the British public, the book documents the changes in styles in Britain over the years, and shares a rare glimpse into youth tribes and subcultures. It embraces the worlds of Mods, Punks, Ravers, Grime Kids and everything else in between. Celebrities have also added their own personal images to the archive, such as Tracey Emin, Jeremy Deller, Jazzie B, and DJ Harvey.

From black-and-white photos taken with Rolleiflex cameras and Polaroid party shots, to 35mm film and selfies, these images and words combine to create a collective family album that feels both private and public, satisfying our yearning for nostalgia as well as our voyeuristic tendencies.