The Others by Derek Ridgers

London-born Derek Ridger, is known for his photographs of London youth culture during the 1980s. His new book The Others, features unpublished images of the self-indulgent underground of British youth culture – from the dawn of punks, new romantics, blitz kids and new wave to rule-rebelling club ravers.

Published by IDEA books, The Others contains photographs taken in clubs and parties around London, during the 1980s. Before Instagram, iPhones, #freethenipple, and publicity around Caitlyn Jenner, the book captures 80s fashion and street style. Breast-baring girls and transgender boys “who risked a beating every night to just dance, drink, gossip and pose their nights away for absolutely no reason other than to explore what hadn’t gone before”.


The Others was taken from the name of a folder on Riger’s computer- a label for photographs that had not been published elsewhere, editing down 650 images to the 100 that appear in the book.


The book was previewed Paris by IDEA and Kim Jones at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum on 12th November and is available at Dover Street Market london and NY, Bookmarc stores in NY, LA, London, Paris and Tokyo and publisher IDEA’s website.