Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan

In the tradition of pop-cultural histories, Maureen Callahan explores the moment when the 1980s gave way to the 1990s, the alternative became the mainstream, and Gen X took over the reins of power in the fashion industry. Callahan looks at this through the lives of three people who would become both fashion icons and cautionary tales of the era –  Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen. Collectively, they represented a “moment” in fashion and pop culture that upended everything that had come before it.

Callahan interviews insiders and reveals exclusive insights into the biggest dramas surrounding the most celebrated personalities of the decade. Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the 90s Renegades who Remade Fashion is the story of that singular time, as exemplified by the lives of three luminaries who forever changed the way we think about fashion and culture.