Stefani Steen


Stef is a leading colour specialist in the UK with 20 years experience in industry and is an active member of the British Textile Colour Group. Stef previously ran the Womenswear colour department at Marks & Spencer for almost a decade and before that was Fabric Editor of International Textiles Magazine and Chairperson of the International Colour Authority.

Stef is a skilled curator with an eye for detail and honed sensitivity to colour which is why our highly esteemed US agent, refers to Stef as “the best in the business”. Additionally Stef is a Royal Society of Arts Fellow and trainee Psychotherapist, specialising in creative practice, particularly voice work. Stef is fascinated by what drives people’s behaviours and lifestyle choices and this infiltrates her design work, giving it a unique edge.

USP: Colour Lover, Detail Obsessive, Authenticity Seeker and White Shoe Fanatic