X-Women have now got their own comic book

The new superheroines

  Comic-Con, the major sci-fi and comic event, was held in San Diego last week, showcasing the biggest and newest brands in the sci-fi,…

Flower beards

In the Know: garden inspiration

Horticulture  has been a huge influence on our colour inspiration for A/W 15/16. Colour and pattern from natures flora and fauna have influenced artists and designers…

mountain game

Beautiful games

The latest gaming innovations are increasingly sophisticated and fantastical. A mysterious, floating, rotating mountain is the strangely beautiful new game from David O’Reilly, the…


Re-inventing materials: Biofacture

Inspired by the desire to create sustainable materials and rethink the age-old model of textile production, a variety of new projects are exploring the idea of Biofacture. A process…

Food and fashion

In the Know: Food & Fashion

Food – in all its forms – is influencing our colour trends for Autumn/Winter 15/16, as new aesthetics around food creation and the joy of rudimentary cooking is inspiring delicious palettes…


The beauty of imperfection

Imperfection can be far more powerful than glossy, airbrushed, performative perfection. Fashion brand D.Efect explores the beauty in imperfection in its latest film, where…


CaCO3 Stoneware

Exploring design that straddles nature and technology, this fantastic project from Eindhoven based designers Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly explores man made stone….