Dream Series: S/S16 Colour Inspiration

Artist Gray Malin‘s ‘Dream Series’ was inspired by a story about a Scottish sheep farmer who colours his sheep to deter theives. Malin says clicking through the surreal…

jetske visser

True Blue: Tannic Acid

Looking at  the chemical reaction between the tannic acid found in oak and iron oxide, designers Steven Banken and Jetske Visser have created chemically derived shades…

carousel algaemy

Algaemy: Sustainable Colour

In a quest to find sustainable and beautiful alternative natural dying solutions Berlin based design studio Blond and Beiber have created Algemy, a portable textile printing factory that uses…

colour inspiration white

Colour Inspiration: White

The colour produced by the combination of all of the colours from the spectrum, white represents light, innocence, neutrality, newness and perfection. Featuring on the S/S…


Afterglow: Immersive Colour and Light

Philips TV, Swedish Agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren and Sweetgrass Productions have collaborated to make a groundbreaking film to launch their colour and light technology for TV….

MFW SS15 Stella Jean_USP 3

MFW S/S15: one to watch, Stella Jean

Italian-Haitian designer Stella Jean is slowly becoming one of Milan’s most notable designers with her unique blend of multicultural references and eclectic styling. Combining Italian…

LDFW SS15 Erdem

LFW S/S15: Key collection, Erdem

A huge imposing forest provided the back drop for a lush collection featuring  3D surface decoration and moody vegetal colours. Botanical prints and lace. Richly embroidered…