Google and Levi’s Project Jacquard

Google’s Project Jacquard first product in partnership with Levi’s ‘The Commuter Trucker Jacket’, was showcased at SXSW this week in Austin.  Conductive fibers woven directly into the jacket, enable the left cuff of the jacket’s sleeve to register touch inputs, as if it were a screen. These are then sent to the wearers  smartphone via a Bluetooth attachment that clips on as a cufflink. The conductive fibers are flexible and can be washed.

Designed primarily for cyclists the Trucker Jacket – promises to be the first networked wearable – enabling cyclists to change songs on their phone, or find Google Maps with a swipe or double-tap on the sleeve.

The jacket will be available for both men and women and will retail at $350.

USP: This virtually invisible technology could herald the first generation of useful wearable tech which is also practical, aspirational and stylish.