Snapchat Spectacles

With the positive increase in wearable tech aiding consumers in their fast-paced lives, the demand for innovative products which not only perform but also look good has never been stronger.

The popularity of Snapchat, particularly among millennials has heralded the creation of Snapchat spectacles. Their built-in camera captures 10 second clips of users daily life in a circular field of view similar to the human eye and can connect to snapchat via Bluetooth. They also come with a re-chargeable case.

Thom Kool’s graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven the ‘Power Parka’ sits perfectly between fashion and technology. The waterproof coat not only looks stylish but contains a power source to keep laptops and phonea charged on the move.

Ideal for the fast-paced life of the urban-nomad, the coat is equipped with multi pockets – with one even large enough to store a laptop. Battery packs are embedded within the jacket, providing a power source to charge devices via a USB connector.


Thom Kool – Power Parka

For dog owners the LINK AKC smart collar has been designed to track pets using GPS. It can also store health data, give vet alerts and document activity, all from a phone. The US product has been named a wearable technology awards honouree for the CES Consumer Technology Association 2017 event in January.


LINK AKC Smart collar and dock

The convex-shaped Latigo leather design fits comfortably to the natural shape of a dog’s neck and has a built-in L.E.D light to see the dog at night. The matching charging unit can not only be used to establish a Bluetooth home zone but also has a USB port which can charge a phone.


LINK AKC Smart collar

Handbag company VanDerWaals was inspired by the intrinsic human desire for self-expression  – combining high quality leather craftsmanship with contemporary wearable tech.

Designed to adapt to the wearer’s mood, lifestyle and outfit, Coloured lighting on the bag’s surface can be controlled via the use of an app on the user’s phone. With functions such as colour-coded call alerts and synchronised light displays which react to music – this unique accessory could potentially reduce the need for more than one handbag.


Van Der Waals Handbag collection

USP: Wearables are moving from gimmicky to covetable, by combining useful tech with aspirational design.