Happy Wool Week! Top 5 Picks


Wool Week – now in it’s 7th year running – aims to promote wool as a natural, renewable and biodegradable material. The event brings together designers and artists who work with wool in a creative and sustainable way. It also offers them the opportunity to share and promote their skills and knowledge with other textile-lovers.

Here are our top five highlights:

  •  Wool BnB – is a cosy living space covered entirely in wool. Presented by The Campaign for Wool, the BnB’s interior features furniture, textiles, clothing, arts and crafts – including a breakfast made entirely of wool. ‘Wool BnB: Living with wool’ is located in London’s De Beauvoir Town and includes a range of wool-related activities such as workshops, talks and film screenings. Find out more and book your tickets here.
The Campaign for Wool, Wool BnB, London Photo: Peter Dixon Design and Curation: Karina Garrick @karinagarrick

The Wool BnB, Photo: Peter Dixon, Design and Curation: Karina Garrick @karinagarrick

Wool BnB Unique Style Platform

Wool breakfast by Jessica Dance

      • Una Lorenzen’s YARN is a film documentary about international artists who use yarn in new creative and colourful ways. By taking the use of yarn away from traditional jumpers and out into the world, they re-invent our relationship with wool as a material. The film is available to watch in screenings around the globe and features amongst others Polish graffiti artist Olek, Japanese textile playgrounds creator Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam and Swedish ‘Knitting Peace’ acrobats Cirkus Cirkör.

      • Wool and the Gang believe in sustainability and quality fashion, selling ready made wooly garments and homewear as well as knit kits, yarns and patterns. They also arrange parties and events and are hosting Get Your Knit on For Wool Week, offering hands-on knitting advice on how to knit beanie – just in time for Wooly Hat Day!
Wool And The Gang Unique Style Platform

Wool And The Gang

      • Brigitta Varadi is a UK based Hungarian artist who’s latest project ‘MARKINGS’ explores the different ways farmers in the North West of Ireland mark their sheep in order to identify them. Varadi will give a talk as part of Selvage Magazine’s ‘We Love Wool’ symposium on Friday 14 October at the Artworkers’ Guild in London
Brigitta Varadi Wool Week Unique Style Platform

Brigitta Varadi’s Markings

Christien Meindertsma Unique Style Platform

Christien Meindertsma’s ‘One Sheep Cardigan’ project

USP: The interactive experiences, events and collaborations at Wool Week enable designers and artists to explore wool and its unique qualities – beyond simply a raw material.