London Design Festival 2016: Top 5 Picks


Raw Colour – Blend at the Aram Gallery (Image courtesy of London Design Festival)

The London Design Festival  showcases the variety, innovation and wide range of London’s creative community. For the 2016 festival, events and installations exhibitions took place across the city.

Here are our top five highlights:

  • Dutch studio Raw Color presented its first solo show at The Aram Gallery. ‘Blend‘ used a mix of interactive installations, materials and products to explore the possibilities surrounding colour. The work of Raw Color explores the treatment of material and colour through the use of graphic design, photography, research and experiments, building a unique visual language.

  • As part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle, architect Asif Khan created the ‘Forests‘ project for Mini Living Your Side of Town. The three-part installation explored architectural solutions to urban living, filling temporary structures with plants. Offering  refuge from busy city streets and a place to connect, create and relax, this project also feeds into a festival-wide trend, around the creation of relaxing and calming experiences.

‘Forests’ by Asif Khan (Image courtesy of London Design Festival)


  • Also in the Shoreditch Design Triangle, ‘Neverland‘ by graphic artist & multidisciplinary designer Emily Forgot at KK Outlet, explored her personal passion for buildings and spaces both real, remembered and imagined through a series of drawings and assemblages – showcasing her excellent sense of colour and shape.

‘Neverland’ by Emily Forgot (Images courtesy of Emily Forgot)


  • Commissioned by the V&A as part of the V&A Engineering Season, Elytra Filament Pavilion is a canopy constructed from glass and carbon fibre. The structure is inspired by the filaments of the forewing shells of flying beetles, known as elytra. The piece was fabricated using a novel robotic winding technique and will continue to be built throughout the event. Sensors in the canopy fibres will collect data on how visitors move around the pavilion, ultimately informing how and where the canopy grows.Combining design in nature with innovative and experimental technology was a continuing theme across the festival.

Elytra Filament Pavillion (Image courtesy of Dezeen)


  • Another trend featured immersive experiences focusing on scent and smell. Inventive fragrance-makers Laboratory Perfumes and artist Zuza Mengham presented a unique scent-inspired sculpture exhibition ‘Sculpting Scent‘ at The Conran Shop, Marylebone. Exploring the representation of fragrance through form and colour, Mengham created resin sculptures for five different fragrances

Zuza Mengham x Laboratory Perfumes (Images courtesy of Zuza Mengham)


USP: The London Design Festival showcases London’s design talent and influences emerging trends across design, technology, materials and colour.