All Woman Project


Images courtesy of All Women Project

All Woman Project is a campaign aimed towards bringing more diversity into fashion and questioning the existing definition of beauty, working against stereotypes and pre-conceptions.

Started by British model Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux, body activist and “plus size” model, the project features a range of women, each with strong beliefs on postive body image and a willingness to be photographed completely unretouched.

On their website they state the following: ‘We believe size or color doesn’t limit us as models or as women. We believe all body shapes and ethnicities deserve to be represented in fashion and in the media, helping girls worldwide feel positive and confident about themselves.’


‘The All Woman Project illuminates the idea that all women are more similar than we’re made out to think. We all have physical flaws and imperfections, and that does not make us more or less beautiful. Rather than retouching or shying away from them, we should embrace them.’


The All Woman Project reflects an increased awareness surrounding positive representations of women, celebrating diversity and natural beauty.

Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke were recently announced as the new stars of the Lonely Girl lingerie campaign, promoting body positivity in the un-retouched photoshoot.

The brand said: “Instead of being objectified, the women who participate in these campaigns … are empowered and exhibit real beauty that will hopefully help women everywhere feel a little more liberated.”


Image courtesy of the Lonely Girls Project

USP: The All Woman project is leading the way in relation to new beauty standards and reflecting a demand for real representations of womens bodies.