RA Summer Exhibition 2016: Colour and pattern inspiration


The inspiring Royal Academy Summer Exhibition finished last week. The annual exhibition showcases art from emerging and established artists, covering a range of mediums. A definitite hub for inspiration for design, art and colour. Below are some images that inspired us from the show.

Earthly Tones: (Clockwise from the top)


Block Party: (Left to right)

  • Sophie Smallhorn – Component Cube 5
  • Nigel O’Neill – 5 Colour Painting
  • Trevor Dannatt – Sketch model for a Theo Van Doesburg memorial project for leideb


Kaleidoscope of Colours: (Clockwise from the top)

  • Ian Devonport – Duplex etching, Grey/Lavender
  • Jennifer Durrant – From a series ‘Ghirlanda III’: After Latvia
  • Gillian Ayres – Music on that woody shore


Greyscale: (clockwise from left)

  • Klein Dytham Architecture – Ginza Place, Tokyo
  • Bill Taylor – Tide
  • Stephen Cox – Louis Khan: Siva Kali: Black


Blue Hues: (Left to right) 


Red Hot: (Clockwise from top)


USP: The RA Summer exhibition spans a wide variety of mediums from photography to sculpture to painting and everything in between.