The New Digital Creators: CGI Artists and Animators


Digital illustrations by Anny Wang

The popularity of digital artists and animators has exploded across social media, with their work being showcased social media. This new generation of creators are using exciting CGI and software techniques to produce digital artworks exploring surface, movement and colour. These 3D illustrations and animations are often hyperreal, combining matte, high shine and fur finishes with hypnotising movement.

We previously looked at the work of digital artist David McLeod and the digitally animated video by Method Design for Major Lazer. Here we feature some more digital artists who are pushing the boundaries and creating mesmerising work.

  • Swedish architects and 3D artists Anny Wang and Tim Söderström teamed up to create an ongoing series of experimental GIFs titled ‘Physlab‘ that challenge the laws of physics. The duo used 3D software to create hyperreal surfaces, playing with how materials interact with each other – squeezing through gaps, bouncing and knocking over other objects.

  • The two designers also collaborated on a compilation of videos for Refinery 29 at NewFronts 2016. The project ‘Claiming Power‘ was made for the launch of  VR29 Studios, a virtual reality and 360-focused programming and production studio.

  • ELMØ is an independent multi-disciplinary studio based in Paris creating beautiful and funny animations. They showcase their work and design process on their Instagram account @elmotionlab, including these digitally produced sequences that play on loop.

  • Randy Cano is a LA-based 3D designer, animator and artist. His work plays with texture and form, distorting the human figure and moving digital surfaces. He showcases his projects on his Instagram account @randy.cano

Rik Oostenbroek is a Dutch artist, designer and art director working with graphic design, typography, 3D graphics, art direction and abstract illustration. He creates these digital artworks by combining painting with 3D software, sharing the results on his Instagram account.





  • New York based artist and animator Hayden Zezula, aka Zolloc, creates digital GIFs based on the human figure and body parts, with subtle movement often used to creepy effect.

USP: Digital artists demonstrate the possibilities available with 3D software technology, providing unique material and colour inspiration through the use of digital surfaces. Adding movement takes these artworks to the next level.