The New Festival Experience


Panorama Festival 2016 (Image courtesy of W Magazine)

A new festival from the producers of Coachella recently debuted in New York. Panorama brought together music performances, art and technology-inspired installations, showcasing New York City’s position as a capital of entertainment and a hub of innovative technology.

New festivals continue to emerge, showing that the appetite for such events isn’t waning, as visitors look for new experiences and alternatives to commercially-focused and overcrowded events.

Panorama featured THE LAB, a dedicated space for interactive experience, showcasing installations combining technology, artistry, and design – created exclusively by New York-based artists.

Afropunk Festival launched in Brooklyn as an outlet for underrepresented black musicians in punk subcultures, and has now expanded to become a celebration of inclusivity, diversity and black music, arts, and culture in all its forms. It is coming to the UK for the first time this year. It will be in Alexandra Palace in London on 24 September 2016.

Afropunk-Fesitval-Fashion-2016-The New Festivals-Unique-Style-Platform

Afropunk Festival 2016 (Image courtesy of Festival Sherpa)

Desert X is set to launch in Palm Springs alongside Coachella Festival 2017. It will be a site-specific exhibition by established and emerging artists, whose projects will investigate global and local issues such as climate change and tribal culture.


Desert X at Coachella 2017

Feeding in to the trend for wellness and more meaningful experiences, Restival is the lovechild of a retreat and festival, enabling visitors to disconnect and reconnect. Held in the USA, Morocco and Sweden, the events offer digital detoxs, sleep workshops, and take inspiration from the local cultures.


Restival (Image courtesy of

Smaller, more exclusive and intimate festivals are proving popular in response to mainstream commercial events.

Samphire Festival is an independent music and arts festival that took place in July 2016, and was the fastest music event to be successfully funded by Crowdfunder. A family run festival located in ancient Somerset woodlands, it focused on getting back to basics and escaping the digital world.


Samphire Festival (Image courtesy of

USP: As we continue to value experiences over belongings, these new alternative festivals tap into our desire for intimacy, wellbeing, cultural experiences and a connection to nature.