LCF BA Fashion 2016


Sam Thompson & George Oxby BA Fashion (Image courtesy of Wonderland)

The London College of Fashion‘s 2016 catwalk presentation was a sophisticated and slick production, highlighting LCF’s continuing focus on student collaboration and the creative benefits of combining disciplines.

Here are some of our top picks from the show:

  • Winners of the Collection of the Year 2016 Award, Sam Thompson and George Oxby‘s collection tackled ideas surrounding intimidation and fragility. Garments were heavily layered and provided a twisted take on streetwear, with an oversized MA-1 bomber jacket being a stand out piece.

Menswear by Sam Thompson & George Oxby, Textiles by Emma Han (All images courtesy of

  • Olga Tytarenko and Emily-Louise Coveney created a soft collection in muted greys and creams that played with proportion and volume. Quilted and padded garments were paired with cosy knitted textures.

Womenswear by Olga Tytarenko, Knitwear by Emily-Louise Coveney, Jewellery by Nina De Marco

  • In order to examine how the body can communicate messages to an audience, Andreas Bucher and Haimin Cui experimented with disrupting the silhouette. Off-beat shapes and angles were given a sporty twist with hooded tops and tie details.

Womenswear by Andreas Bucher, Menswear by Haimin Cui

  • Wei Yao Lin and Cheng Qian‘s menswear collection was fun and playful, with barcode-like slogans knitted into the fabrics and brightly coloured jumpers worn over utilitarian shirts and ties.

Menswear by Wei Yao Lin, Knitwear by Cheng Qian

  • Georgina Johnson and Jin Kim’s collection showcased deconstructed and off-balance pieces with a post-apocalyptic mood. The fabrics were frayed and bonded, hanging heavily from sheer tops.

Womenswear by Georgina Johnson, Textiles by Jin Kim

USP: LCF encourage collaboration between students, allowing them to push boundaries and create fully realised collections to a high standard.