Beauty Extremes


Isamaya French (Images:

From selfies to viral hashtags, beauty trends influenced by social media are increasingly fluid and unexpected.

Natural beauty – wearing very little or no makeup – is becoming a movement in itself, with toxin-free products and natural-looking make-up on the rise. Viral hashtags such as #nomakeup and #nofacetune, reflect social media’s influence, as consumers become more concerned with the harmful chemicals in daily skincare products .

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop’ by Juice Beauty and Glossier‘s are popular natural brands promoting raw and naked aesthetics.



Influencer Lena Dunham recently took a picture on the set of Girls to highlight the natural skincare products she is using in her role as Hannah Horvath.

 Alicia Key’s latest article for Lenny Letter questions the relevance of the no makeup hashtag, saying that self-confidence doesn’t come from make-up and women should feel comfortable not wearing any at all. Keys used a completely bare-faced photo for her new album cover.

Sales reflect this bare faced, natural trend with 72% of all growth in skincare in the natural market.


(Images: Lenny Letter by Paola Kudacki & @lenadunham)

In complete contrast, creative, fantasy looks are also popular across social media with  #rainbowlashes, Lip art  and glitter inspired looks taking make up to another level.


Make up artist Alex box’s work continues to chart the correlation between art, science, nature and the magical. In her previous role as creative Director for Illamasqua, she helped shape the brand’s product development, imagery and creative vision.

Isamaya Ffrench works with top brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Selfridges to create visionary looks where traditional make-up rules don’t apply.



Drag culture is also influencing these extreme looks. The star of the most recent series of Ru Paul’s Drag RaceKimchi wears anime-like, cartoon inspired make-up, illustrating how original and bold looks challenge traditional ideas of beauty.


(Images: @kimchi_chic)

USP: From raw and naked, to bold and surreal, extreme aesthetics inspired by social media, challenge brands to re-think mainstream ideas of beauty to cater for a new generation of forward thinking consumers.