Vogue Festival 2016: Alessandro Michele


(Image courtesy of Vogue.com)

As part of the Vogue Festival 2016 series of talks, British Vogue Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman spoke to Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele about his work.

Dressed in an emerald green, elaborately embroidered bomber jacket with his initial on the front, stonewashed jeans, ribbed stripe sports socks and black Mary-Janes with jangling silver embellishment, Michele discussed his inspirations, design process and opinions on gender and the art of fashion.


When asked how his team felt when he changed the previous Gucci aesthetic, Michele said: “At the beginning they were not really sure about what I was doing, but now they are in a sort of nonsense world. When you brave the change you can make amazing things happen.”

On gender fluidity, he stated, “All of us, we are not one thing, we’re always between two worlds and the idea of not being sure is very appealing to me. It’s more about beauty than gender.”

When asked about the pressure on designers and how he deals with growing expectations. He said “The only pressure I have is that I want to do a lot of things, and I don’t have time to do everything I want. You want to do something that belongs to you, that says what you want to say. If you love this job you can transform the pressure into energy.”


(Images courtesy of Vogue.com)

He also spoke about the idea of having too much stuff. “In the past 10 years the market has become oversaturated with products. People are ready to wear something different. Fashion is not about product, it’s about an interesting idea that you can’t resist buying into.”

The discussion finished by talking about the Gucci Cruise 2017 Show to be held at Westminster Abbey. Michele said: “The idea of the show is an homage to the city, because I love English people… Everyone has this idea of London being cool, but for me the history is what’s really cool… The past is something alive, that talks with you every day. If we put that seed in the present, something can grow.”

More details from the conversation between Shulman and Michele can be read on Vogue.com.

USP: Michele gave a personal insight into the driving force and creativity behind Gucci’s success, illustrating how design is as much about passion as product.