Food & Fashion: Top 3 cake decorating trends

Food & Fashion unique Style Platform 01

We look at how food is taking inspiration from fashion to influence cake decorating, colour and surface trends.


Odd colour combinations | Pattern Overload | Trompe L’oeil | Tropical florals | Exotic birds

Food & Fashion unique style platform

Gucci S/S 16                                                                     Ron Ben Israel cakes

food & fashion_uniques style platform_17

Gucci A/W 16/17                                                      All the Kings Horses cake creations

Futuristic Textures

Grainy surfaces | Glittery textures | Pearlescent | Irregular patterns | Space inspired | Lava-like

Food & Fashion_unique Style Platform_02

Delpozzo S/S 16                                                        vegan donuts from

Food & Fashion_unique Style Platform_07

Ashish S/S 16                      Lili Vanilli Space Cake with galactic sugar crystals & gold salted caramel popcorn

USP Cakes

Lily Vanili Sugar crystals                                                                 Ashish A/W 16/17


Cascading foliage | Succulents & cacti | Exotic leaves | Shades of green | Tropical Florals | Abundant decoration | Palm fronds

Food & Fashion_unique Style Platform_10

Grow London

Food & Fashion_unique Style Platform_05

Valentino                                                                                   S/S16 Lily Vanilli

Food & Fashion_unique Style Platform_04

Schiaparelli S/S 16                                                 Alana Jones Mann Semi-Naked-Cakes

Food&Fashion_Unique Style Platform_12

Alanna Jones-Mann

Food&Fashion_Unique Style Platform_13

Alana Jones-Mann

And lastly, tapping into a desire for authentic craft and celebrating skill – traditional Eastern European textiles inspire a fascinating Instagram worthy decorating trend.

Food&Fashion_Unique Style Platform_15

USP: As product boundaries continue to blur to create lifestyle trends – look beyond the obvious for colour, surface and pattern inspiration.