Experience Retail: Sonos Studio

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Described as a “social and collaborative space that connects artists and audiences through experiences in music, art and technology” the recently opened Sonos Studio in Shoreditch, East London blends the physical and the digital, local and global.

Located in a two-storey warehouse, designed by  London interior design company Brinkworth and graphic designers Bruce Mau, the space features a concert exhibition space,  listening rooms, work stations and a café, as well as a programme of exhibitions and events.


Industrial wood and concrete is softened using tactile and natural materials (such as the reclaimed timber floor, sourced from the old BBC Broadcast House) and homely touches such as rugs, books and pot plants.

Producer, composer and Sonos expert Giles Martin has collaborated with the company’s sound engineers to conceive an “acoustically tunable space” – with a moveable ceiling and wall panels that can be reconfigured to tailor the acoustics according to whats playing.


USP: Creating an interactive space where selling product is secondary to experience, enables brands to interact with consumers and re-define the idea of social selling.