London College of Fashion BA Catwalk: Highlights


As an exciting end to Graduate Fashion Week, more than 40 students from the London College of Fashion contributed to 20 collaborative collections for the BA catwalk show, merging disciplines from a variety of courses.

Held in an industrial space where the runway led outside and passed crowds on the streets of Shoreditch, the show combined a focus on commercialilty with a strong creative edge.

Here are our highlights from the show:

  • Chun Yin Mok‘s collection was formed from a series of abstract shapes which appeared to slot together, teamed with rectangles of flecked sponge strapped to the models feet and forcing a slow, exaggerated pace.
Chun Yin Mok_LCF_BA2015_USP

Chun Yin Mok, Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear

  • Rachel McGee showcased work with a primal, ancient feel made from raw fabrics in neutral hues knotted together with Cara Duerden‘s primitive spears.
Rachel McGee & Cara Duerden_LCF_BA2015_USP

Rachel McGee, Fashion Design and Development & Cara Duerden, Fashion Jewellery

  • Isobel R Cook and Jay Biscarra also used natural, earthy tones for their collection which combined both menswear and womenswear, with wooden chainmail details evocative of armour.
Isobel Cook & Jay Biscarra_LCF_BA2014_USP

Isobel R Cook, Fashion Design and Technology: Menswear & Jay Biscarra, Fashion Design and Development

  • Putting a twist on the pinstripe suit, Seokwoo Lee and Amelia Potts deconstructed the silhouette, adding loose strands of white embroidery and chiffon against a palette of deep navy.
Seokwoo Lee & Amelia Potts_LCF_BA2015_USP

Seokwoo Lee, Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear & Amelia Potts, Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

  • The collection showcased by Kenji Lau was dark and haunting with long layers and headwear that obscured the model’s faces – a ritualistic mood exaggerated by Angela Domale‘s flags.
Kenji Lau & Angela Domale_LCF_BA2015_USP

Kenji Lau, Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear & Angela Domale, Fashion Textiles: Print

The winners of the Collection of the Year award were Rosemary Lambert and Kate Donald, who also collaborated with contour specialist Sian O’Neill, jewellery designer Tanaporn Wongsa and textiles graduate Kate Cheung Wing Ki. Their romantic and ultra-feminine work combined wrappings of silk, embroidered wild flowers and latex.

Rosemary Lambert & Kate Donald_LCF_BA2015_USP

Rosemary Lambert & Kate Donald, Fashion Design & Technology: Womenswear

  • The work by Marianne Tse-Laurence and Emily Grieves was inspired by childhood memories of a northern fishing village, reflected in the subtle tones, sombre palette, and texture and intricacy of the knitwear.
Marianne Tse-Laurence & Emily Grieves_LCF_BA2015_USP

Marianne Tse-Laurence, Fashion Design and Development & Emily Grieves, Fashion Textiles: Knitwear

  • Reminiscent of pieces of contemporary art, the bold shapes produced by Harriett Brown & Natalie Hitchon had surfaces covered in abstract pattern, multiple textures and embroidery.
Harriett Brown & Natalie Hitchon_LCF_BA2015_USP

Harriett Brown & Natalie Hitchon, Fashion Textiles

  • Dan He produced a structural collection that exaggerated the female form in head-to-toe nude, with dramatic millinery by Jordon Byron Britton and jewellery by Shuangshuang Wang.
Dan He_LCF_BA2015_USP

Dan He, Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear

USP: The LCF catwalk showcased the next generation of fashion talent and highlighted how cross-discipline collaboration can push boundaries.