Royal College of Art MA 2015 Catwalk: Highlights

Nan Li_RCA_2015_USP_08

Nan Li Royal College of Art (Images courtesy of Artsthread)

This year’s MA catwalk show at the Royal College of Art was the first under the new head of fashion Zowie Broach and marked a new era for the course.

Here is our pick of the collections on show:

  • Zhujing Jiang combined tailored shapes with columns of black and nude silicone which created a satisfying sound as the models waked across the floor.
Zhujing Jiang_RCA_2015_USP_05

Zhujing Jiang Royal College of Art

  • Qiuyu Yu showcased an all-white, angular collection with complimentary jewellery by Honggang Lu adding pops of bright colour with strands of plastic that wrapped around the models or hung to the floor.
Quiyu Yu_RCA_2015_USP_04

Quiyu Yu Royal College of Art

  • Knitwear student Lucinda Popp paired stripes of jewel green with tones of grey, in striking silhouettes with draped and tied details.
Lucinda Popp_RCA_2015_USP_03

Lucinda Popp Royal College of Art

  • Ka Wa Key Chow provided a twist on traditional menswear with soft, loose layers and sweet shades of embroidery reminiscent of a rolling landscape.
Ka Wa Key Chow_RCA_2015_USP_09

Ka Wa Key Chow Royal College of Art

Charlotte GG Harris_RCA_2015_USP_01

Charlotte Grace Georgina Harris Royal College of Art

  • Hannah Williams dripped silicone and acrylic directly onto models, producing liquid textured garments in pastel shades. The material contrasted with layers of soft-hued foam that wrapped around the body.
Hannah Williams_RCA_2015_USP_06

Hannah Williams Royal College of Art

  • Paula Knorr’s army of models strutted around the catwalk covered in layers of glistening tinsel that created a swish of movement, in ultra-feminine shades of pink red and purple.
Paula Knorr_RCA_2015_USP_07

Paula Knorr Royal College of Art

  • Une Yea worked in collaboration with colleague Li Qian to create illuminated accessories with spinning propellers that created captivating shapes in light. These were teamed with simple, all white paper garments made to look like unfinished toiles.
Une Yea_RCA_2015_USP_02

Une Yea Royal College of Art

USP: An innovative yet refined show, highlighting some of the most directional up and coming graduates.