Intel & Opening Ceremony collaborate to create a wearable


Wearable’s are currently a talking point in both the fashion and the technology industries, with everyone wondering which company will create the product with the perfect balance of both worlds.

Intel have collaborated with Opening Ceremony to create ‘Mica’ (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) a chunky bracelet with the ability to receive texts and create meeting alerts.

There will be two different designs – black snakeskin with pearls and lapis stone and white snake skin embellished with obsidian and tigers eye – featuring a 1.6 inch curved screen, with more features to be released at a later date.


The bracelet will cost $1000 and both Intel and Opening Ceremony are marketing as jewellery rather than technology

USP: An interesting collaboration between two important fashion and technology influencers – but we do we really need to check out messages via our jewellery?